There are two options for ANSLAB:

  • Open ANSLAB: Open ANSLAB is available for free under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
  • ANSLAB Professional: In this version, the Open ANSLAB modules are expanded and improved

The following features are available in the Open and the Professional version:

Feature Open ANSLAB ANSLAB Professional
electrocardiography (ECG) Yes Yes
reflexive startle EMG Yes Yes
electrodermal activity (EDA) Yes Yes
respiration analysis Yes Yes
respiration calibration Yes Yes
pulse plethysmography (PPG) Yes Yes
electromyography (facial or other EMG) Yes Yes
continuous arterial pressure (Finapres) Yes Yes
capnography (PCO2) Yes Yes
temperature Yes Yes
accelerometry Yes Yes
impedance cardiography (ICG) No Yes
heart rate variablity (HRV) No Yes
Crossspectral analysis tool No Yes
event related response analysis and statistics No Yes
vocal response analysis No Yes
batch processing and productivity features No Yes
ASCII file import Yes Yes
file import for VIV, EDF, CNT, EDF, BDF,VPD, ACQ.. No Yes
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