Data center

If one or several of the following points apply to you, our data processing solutions might be of interest to you

  • You have psychophysiological data but do not want to license ANSLAB or test it in a free trial mode
  • you only have a few psychophysiological data sets to analyze (no need for own data processing capabilities)
  • you do not have enough staff or expertise in your research group to analyze the data
  • You do not have (enough) Matlab licences
  • You want a central, internet-based computing server to give you and your collaborators computer independent access to ANSLAB and its data processing capabilities from anywhere.

The following services might be helpful:

  • ANSLAB hosting: we host your data on our secure server and provide the Matlab and ANSLAB installation to one or several internet clients. We maintain the ANSLAB installation and fully configure it for your studies. You log in and analyze your data.
  • Data processing services: You want to have the data analyzed completely by us. No need for your own software, trainings or expertise.
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