Automatization of analyses using batch processing

ANSLAB is very powerful when it comes to large data sets. Most analyses can be performed in a so called 'batch mode'. You give ANSLAB a list of data for an entire study or part of it (including subjects, data segments, and channels to be analyzed), specify the types of parameters to be extracted and hit run. You can then supervise the process via the processing log in the Matlab window or simply grab a coffee and wait for ANSLAB to finish the job. Have a look:

You have complete control over the process and its results by combining batch processing with batch plotting. Batch plotting depicts each crucial step of the analysis in a figure and saves the figures consecutively in a large PDF file. At the end of the batch processing this file can quickly be scanned visually to identify any problematic signal that requires manual editing. This procedure is very powerful in saving time and nevertheless assuring reliable analysis results.

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