ANSLAB Professional

current version: 2.51

ANSLAB Professional includes an integrated user interface supporting data analysis, artefact editing and parameter extraction. All analyses can be conducted in a supervised mode or can be setup for an entire research study to be done automatically in batch mode. Plotting tools optimized for data quality checks are available. To licence ANSLAB Professional at your institution, please contact

Full licencing and trial mode

ANSLAB licencing is per module to allow flexibility(see below). Licencing costs per module range between 300€ and 700€, depending on functionality. For more information, please contact Use of ANSLAB Professional requires an intellectual property licencing agreement between the University of Salzburg and your institution. ANSLAB Professional comes with a one time licencing fee (no annual fees or other costs) that allows you to install the software on as many computers in your lab or work group as needed. Purchase of ANSLAB does not include MATLAB licences (these are, however, available at most universities). The licencing also includes free updates and a typically 3 hour installation support and introductory teaching session via remote desktop.

If you want to find out more about ANSLAB Professional we can provide you with a free trial version. Please contact us by email if you are interested. This free version is fully functional but expires after a specified time. Since the free trial mode requires a full installation and a basic (remote desktop) introduction we charge €60 per hour (usually 3-5 hours are needed) which will be prorated in case of a later licencing of ANSLAB. Similar to the full version, an IP licensing agreement will be completed prior to trial version activation.

If you only conduct one or few psychophysiological studies and do not want to analyze the data yourself, the data center option offers data processing services. Also, if you do not have a MATLAB license or sufficcient computing resources, (ANSLAB hosting in data center) may be an option for you.

ANSLAB modules

You can configure your ANSLAB package to your specific needs. E.g. if you just want to use ANSLAB for ECG analysis and spectral analysis you would licence the Base Package, an appropriate data import module, the Electrocardiography Analysis Tool and the Spectral and Nonlinear Analysis Tool.

  • Base Package
  • ACQ Data Import Module (BIOPAC Acqknowledge)
  • VEE Data Import Module(HP VEE)
  • VIV Data Import Module(Vivologic)
  • VPD Data Import Module(Vitaport)
  • EDF/BDF Data Import Module(European & Biosemi data format)
  • Electrocardiography Analysis Tool
  • Impedance Cardiography Analysis Tool
  • Reflexive Startle Analysis Tool
  • Electrodermal Activity Analysis Tool
  • Respiration Pattern Analysis Tool
  • Capnography Analysis Tool
  • Vocal Response Analysis Tool
  • Electromyography Analysis Tool
  • Pulse Plethysmography Analysis Tool
  • Continuous Blood Pressure Analysis Tool
  • Accelerometry Analysis Tool
  • Temperature Analysis Tool
  • Respiration Calibration Analysis Tool
  • Spectral and Nonlinear Analysis Tool
  • Crossspectral Analysis Tool
  • Event-related and Statistical Analysis Tool

Licensing ANSLAB

  1. Contact us via to determine the modules you want to licence
  2. Completion of a software licensing agreement between the University of Salzburg and your institution (via email, requires contact with technology transfer officer of your university)
  3. We create your ANSLAB account and send you an email including 1) a user name 2) password 3) server address for installation of ANSLAB

You are now ready to install ANSLAB, following the installation instructions or you set up a desktop-sharing session with us to do this. required software

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